Covid-19 Pandemic Recruitment Response Toolbox

The global Covid-19 Pandemic created shockwaves across the world and has disrupted the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. We’ve lost neighbours and friends and the lives of too many people have been sadly cut short before their time.

But, it’s now time to look forward. We have gathered a few tools together here to assist job seekers in our sectors to find their feet.  If you’ve lost your job, or you are still furloughed and are looking for new options, whether you are a locum, a new graduate, an established Vet or RVN, we will work hard to find you options.  We’re always here to help. Now more than ever, we all need someone to offer career advice and support.

Job Search

Searching online for new opportunities is generally productive in a buoyant marketplace.  There are lots of jobs and usually too many to apply for in one session. The issue of duplication needs to be considered because many employers choose to work with multiple agencies and you’ll find the same jobs advertised on multiple sites, albeit sometimes with slightly different details. You inadvertently apply for the same job in different places and that causes overlap and confusion.  Worst still for the jobseeker, it portrays you as desperate! No-one wants to be seen as desperate.

You can choose to work with a small number of recruiters to make it easier to know what you’ve applied for and avoid the duplication – but will you miss out on the ideal job as it’s listed elsewhere and not with your recruiter? It’s always a risk. However, in a slow market, like the one immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic ends, you need to be smart about your search criteria and use the services of an experienced sector-specific recruiter to help and guide you.  

You can search our live jobs below.

Free CV Checking Service

Let’s face it, writing a CV is difficult. It’s a process of remembering dates, locations, job responsibilities, EMS details and most importantly, achievements and successes. 

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Quite often, we forget things, or detail them in the wrong order, or format the document incorrectly. Remember, you have around 15 seconds to grab the reader’s attention.  When the market slows and the number of jobs decrease, the number of applicants increases.  The 15 seconds can become 10 seconds.

Our consultants have decades of recruitment experience and have read thousands of CV and we know which ones will be filed and which ones will be progressed.

That’s why we offer a confidential and commitment free CV Checking service. Simply upload your CV here and we’ll come back to you with any errors, omissions and recommendations to improve it.  

Interviewing Tips

We’ve written lots of information and helpful tips about interviewing over the years.  We wrote a very popular blog article in September 2019 on this subject. [Related Article – How to Win At Interviews]

During the recent pandemic, client’s rightly choose to conduct initial interviews remotely using video conferencing platforms. Zoom became the norm and, after an initial reluctance, job seekers and client’s started to like it.  It saved time and expense.  Interviews can be arranged quickly and easily.  If it went well, personal visits were arranged and we progressed.  If it went badly, client’s found it easier to cut short interviews and get on with their day.

Even when the U.K. resumes normal working practices, video conference interviewing will be here to stay for many clients. 

Video cover letters are one way to set yourself apart from other candidates and get invited for a live interview.  Record a short video of yourself and submit it with your CV.  

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CPD Tools

If you find yourself between jobs, one of the best activities you can do is to improve your skills through CPD courses and online resources. 

Here is a list of free and paid CPD events that could be of interest to you.  (All links open in a new browser tab.)

1 – The Webinar Vet –

2 – In Practice –

3 – CPD solutions –

4 – Know How Academy –

5 – Improve International –

6 – Central CPD –

7 – RCVS Knowledge –

8 – Vet Times –


Career Benchmarking

Many vets and nurses are worried that their existing salary and benefits are not keeping pace with the market norms. This is especially true in times where the market is slow and jobs are fewer. This slowness encourages us to stay with our current employer – to put up with the working hours, the on-call weekends and poor CPD.

Because we are worried that the grass is not greener on the other side, we don’t bother to look over there.

Benchmarking is a process where an experienced recruiter will confidentially review your existing remuneration against whole market and feedback to you.  If you are concerned that you are losing pace with the market, we’ll be able to let you know and provide you with the facts.

Many employees, when presented with this information, are reassured that they are being remunerated appropriately and go back to work happier and more content.  Others are able to confidentially talk with their employer about their concerns and receive an amended package.

Others decide to look elsewhere, knowing that they are being underpaid or undervalued and will secure a new role elsewhere on better terms.

Our benchmarking service is free and confidential.

Please describe your area of concern – i.e. Salary, Working Hours, CPD details.


Looking for work can be exhausting and we all need to feel valued. Volunteering is one way to expand your skill set, feel good about yourself, help others and make yourself more employable!

There are several organisations that can help you find a way to volunteer that suits you. is a database of UK volunteering opportunities. You can search more than a million volunteering opportunities by interest, activity or location and then apply online.

You can also contact: (all links open in a new browser tab)

Volunteering England

Volunteer Scotland

Volunteering Wales 

Jersey Charities 

Guernsey Charities

Volunteering Matters 

to find opportunities in your area.

Join-in runs volunteering projects as a legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Contact them to find out about how to get involved with local sporting and community projects.